The NORI Protocol

NORI has researched and developed a unique approach to cancer support that is very simple, effective, low-cost, nontoxic, may support your standard treatment and can be implemented at home. It is based on targeting common metabolic abnormalities present in nearly all types of cancer cells.

A methionine restricted diet combined with a nontoxic natural supplement “cocktail” is a unique and powerful approach to helping to manage malignancies.

An important feature of the NORI protocol is the synergy created between the methionine restricted diet and high dose selenium. Methionine restriction has been shown to sensitize cancer cells to sodium selenite by lowering glutathione which increases oxidative stress.

The NORI approach is to leverage diet for maximum benefit while using a straightforward and highly targeted method for selectively killing cancer cells.

Methionine Restricted Diet

Nutrition is a powerful tool in controlling tumor growth as well as making cancer cells much more susceptible to treatment. The trick is in supporting normal healthy cells while depriving cancer cells of essential nutrients. Cancer cells are highly dependent on several different amino acids for growth and cell division. Cancer cells are universally dependent on methionine. It is both practical and effective to limit the dietary intake of methionine as a means to starve cancer cells of this essential nutrient. Normal cells are unharmed by short term limitation of methionine. Click here to read an article on dietary methionine restriction published in 2001 by Dr Epner.

NORI does not encourage or support the use of nutritional supplements, some herbs and juicing during cancer treatment. It is believed that these elements only help cancer cells grow and survive. Anti-cancer compounds are only helpful if they are adequately absorbed, are present in the bloodstream at a sufficient concentration and time interval.

Methionine restriction is individualized for each patient according to weight, nutritional status, disease progression and past dietary preferences. A methionine restricted diet may be continuous or cycled on and off depending on individual circumstances. Methionine restriction involves the elimination of many foods and a focus on mostly fruits. The natural sugars in fruits will not feed cancer cells or cause tumors to grow. It is a common misconception that fruit equals sugar and that fruits raise blood sugar. Fruit can be a problem if there is a high fat intake (greater than 10% of total caloric intake) which will cause insulin resistance.

A Simple but Powerful Approach

The NORI protocol is very simple to implement but may be one of the most powerful approaches to cancer support ever developed.  By optimally timing and synchronizing cycles the methionine restricted diet with the administration of the “cocktail”, cancer cells defenses are weakened and nutrients necessary for growth and division are depleted.  The NORI protocol directly targets the cancer cell’s mitochondria which, as research is starting to show, may just be the root of the problem from the onset of the disease process.

For more information on the NORI protocol you may like to watch the following interview from Chris Wark of where he interviews Mark Simons the founder of NORI about the protocol.

Candice-Marie Fox, a fellow West Australian was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2011 at age 28. After surgery and radiation, it spread dramatically. Candice-Marie along with guidance from Mark Simon of NORI began the protocol and…. I’ll let Candice tell the rest. This interview is again off Chris Wark’s website If you haven’t already explored his site i encourage you to – there is a wealth of information that will help you.