EddieEdward is a Naturopath, lecturer, writer, business owner and father of two. He is dedicated to educating his readers, students, clients and anyone else willing to listen about his perspectives in relation to health and wellness. His aim is to educate people about how amazing their body is and to teach people about the true nature of health and how to be proactive by bringing about balance in the totality of their life leading to happier, healthier lives. Edward’s a human just like you and he’s not immune to health issues. In 2013 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which should have been relatively easy to treat in terms of cancer, but unfortunately it did not respond fully to chemotherapy and he spent 2 years journeying back to health using a combination of orthodox and natural medicine. His cancer spread to other parts of his body with metastases throughout his abdomen, chest, neck and lung. As he went through this journey and became cancer free, he learnt much and he would like to share this knowledge with you to help you along on your journey. Along the path he learnt about the true nature of health, wealth, happiness and disease and this has changed him, the way he practices and the way he approaches his clients. Edward appreciates the benefits and limitations of both orthodox and natural medicines in relation to cancer and together with his clients formulates comprehensive, evidence based protocols combining the best of both medicines to ensure the best possible outcome. Unfortunately in the orthodox treatment of most cancers, radiation and in particular chemotherapy, is not effective for the long term survival of the patient. Edwards ultimate aim is to educate his clients on what they can do to increase the chances of a successful outcome. From the onset of his own diagnosis he made the choice that his journey with cancer was not going to cripple him but the complete opposite, it was going to be the ultimate opportunity to grow on all levels – It would be his ‘Hero’s Journey’ if you are familiar with the writing of Joseph Campbell. This later gave rise to his Facebook page ‘My Hero’s Journey’ which was his record of the internal journey through a cancer diagnosis. This change of mindset, which is important in all chronic disease, turned a scary, potential life threatening experience into one of the best things that has ever happened to him. As a part of your treatment with Edward, as well as treating the physical aspects of your condition using the NORI protocol, he will delve deeply into your subconscious patterning and help you too to change your mindset towards your diagnosis helping to unlock the healing potential of your body. Let him help you to turn your health issue around into one of the best things that has ever happen to you and the ultimate opportunity for you to grow in all areas of life. These diseases come into your life for a reason, sometimes it can help to have someone who has gone through the process themself to hold your hand through your ‘Hero’s Journey’.

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